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Real Estate – The Sunshine State at SIMA

by David Garner - 12.11.2013

The SIMA 2013 Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition enjoyed the State of Florida as a special guest region this year, further demonstrating that Spain and the Sunshine State share a solid connection.

According to Dean Asher 2013 Florida Realtors President, Spanish citizens are incredibly interested in acquiring second homes in the state, and have been overjoyed by the news that prices have been appreciating, signaling a great time to invest. There were an abundance of inquiries from Spaniards relating to locales throughout the state, ranging from Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota and included inquiries relating to rural areas as well.

The Florida stand at SIMA was supported by Visit Florida, the state’s official tourism and marketing corporation as well as Florida Realtors, which is the biggest professional trade association in Florida all were there promoting the State as the No.1 travel destination in the world, and were hoping to build on two consecutive years of record breaking international visitation.

The largest real estate exhibition within Europe proved to be the perfect platform for them to promote the numerous advantages of acquiring a property in the State of Florida.

The US real estate market has seen a resurgence in interest from yield-hungry investors since the crash of ’08, and an abundance of cheap assets available from distressed sellers has attracted investors from all over the world . Whilst Florida has been the focus of many, tightening yields and rising prices have caused many to look elsewhere in the hunt for profits; particularly southern states which have hitherto been off the radar are now coming into keen focus as investors continue to seek out the best opportunities for income and growth.

In a joint venture with local Investors; Real Estate Investment Consultancy DGC Asset Management has been steadily funding the acquisition of over 300 single family homes across 6 US States, including Mississippi, Alabama, Atlanta and elsewhere. David Garner, Partner at the firm said, “We have found that the best deals tend to be in low value, blue collar housing in areas that other investors have not yet been brave enough to look. Two years on and we are now seeing hedge funds and other institutional investors start to make inquiries about bulk deals for homes in our areas, whereas our group has been buying in these hotspots for 2 years”.

As economic recovery on a global scale continues to disappoint, and returns to traditional assets languish at the bottom end of respectable, well-placed and well-managed real estate assets in key markets boost portfolio performance and add risk mitigation for those investors otherwise exposed only to volatile financial assets.

Written by David Garner

David is a Partner with leading UK based real estate investment consultancy DGC Asset Management Limited. Since 2001 David has advised Investors on a range of niche real estate acquisitions and developments in the agriculture and distressed asset space with a gross development value exceeding £100 million.