Is Facebook Marketing An Effective Way To Kickstart Ad Campaigning In Singapore?

Around 1.5 decades back when Facebook had just begun its operations, all everyone had to do was put together some content, insert a link and hit publish to attract thousands of views comfortably. Things have changed completely now. Today, if you wish to make something go viral on Facebook, you need to think beyond organic growth. Paid advertising campaigning should be your priority from day one. As per the digital marketing statistics Singapore 2019, around 4.8 million people use Facebook, out of which 53.06% have the Messenger app installed on their smartphones.

It’s a clear sign that people take Facebook seriously and use it on a regular basis to stay connected with their friends and family members. Since attracting the organic traffic on Facebook is not possible now, you need to focus on running paid advertising campaigning from day one. This way, you can reach out to the target audience, make them signup to receive your product or service related updates or even sell them anything you want. Give it a shot and start making tens of thousands of dollars every month.